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Jemmy framework

Ultimate UI testing solution.


Jemmy map.

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  • UI test.

    UI test work-flow could be broken to three kinds of steps:

    • Find controls you need to do next action for
    • Do something with that control
    • Verify results of the action
    Find fo verify diagramm

    Find and Do

    First two parts should look something like this, then

    Starting from some hierarchy root,
    look for a control with certain characteristics,
    and do something meaningful to it

    Which, with Jemmy, looks like this

    SomeHierarchyRoot.lookup(new SertainCharacteristics()).


    Test could verify

    • UI feedback

    Jemmy provides all the support for verifying this. Check documentation and samples for more info.

    • Some controls to appear

    This comes back to component lookup.

  • Some controls properties to change
  • Again, either the lookup or waiting for a control property to be equal to something.

  • Image update
  • Use Jemmy image API.

  • Non-UI feedback
  • Well ... since the test is written in Java, there should not be any problem to implement any kind of check, is there? Just remember to wait for a result - do not verify it right away. You could use Jemmy waiting API for that.

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